Diagnosticum Munich

n 2007, we were planning to build a medical center in a prominent location right next to our joint radiology practice. Since we wanted to expand our range of services, it made sense to use the opportunity to change locations. However, we were not impressed by the plans from the architect that the project developer had hired. While looking for a competent specialized planner, we were pleased to find German Haimerl Architekten, whose overall approach impressed us.

Since the health-care market in Munich is extremely competitive, we wanted to create a practice with unique features in terms of medical care and equipment as well as design. German Haimerl Architekten were able to implement our requirements in an exemplary way. With good reason, the operator of our medical center now uses photographs of our practice as advertising on its homepage. The practice is consistently and clearly divided into various usage zones. The reception area and integrated waiting room, with a glass wall forming an acoustic partition, gives visitors a sense of unusual spaciousness despite the modest room dimensions. This sense is further emphasized by the skillful indirect lighting. The technology that necessarily dominates a radiology practice is pleasantly downplayed by the curving room divisions, which are not always at right angles. The large-format stone flooring that runs throughout all of the areas, the warm wood of the built-in furnishings, the illuminated color accents and last but not least the rounded furniture follow a consistent design concept and create a pleasant atmosphere where not only patients feel comfortable, but our whole team does, too.

German Haimerl Architekten helped us with every aspect of the project’s implementation, since they acted as project managers and performed the traditional building-owner tasks in addition to the architectural work. Their skillful negotiations with the landlord and the contractual partners allowed us to cut costs significantly. In implementing the project, our costs actually came in under budget for the construction and fittings. Despite the contingencies involved in a project within a project, the work was finished on time. Our practice was one of the first to open in the medical center.

We are glad we chose German Haimerl Architekten to help us build our practice. Their integrated approach to solutions, which took our work philosophy into account along with our design requirements, created a result that is much higher than the normal standard. We would be happy to do another new project with German Haimerl Architekten anytime.

Dr. Nikolaus Hof

Diagnosticum Munich http://www.diagnosticum-muenchen.de

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