European Cyberknife Center in Munich-Großhadern

Dear Mr. Haimerl,

we consider it a stroke of luck that we found out about German Haimerl Architekten when we started planning our Cyberknife Center, thanks to a recommendation from professional colleagues.

The unusual ambiance of the architecture office alone convinced us that these architects had internalized your philosophy of Corporate Architecture, and that we as building owners could expect to see extraordinary things. During the partnership, we were able to see for ourselves how much creativity went into developing innovative ideas, and how consistently these were implemented with a focus on quality. You responded flexibly to the special requirements for the project’s functionality, and implemented your ideas with a great deal of negotiating skill. Despite the tight schedule, deadlines were met precisely to the day. We were also surprised that the projected time frame was met despite the unusual, demanding architecture. Ever since the opening of the Cyberknife Center, we – along with our patients and the entire team – have enjoyed the ambience created by German Haimerl Architekten, which also expresses our company culture. The great success of our center is due not just to the special medical care it offers, but also to its architecture, which responds sensitively to our patients’ problems with its calming, harmonious feel.

Thank you very much for the extraordinary result! We will be happy to recommend you to others anytime.

Yours truly,
Dr. med. A. Muacevic

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