Orthopedics Center in Arabellapark

When I was opening my first practice, you very selflessly advised me to take over an existing practice, thereby winning my absolute trust. Our many years of collaboration since then have proven that this trust was not misplaced.

The plans that you and your team created win people over with their unusual functional and design solutions, which make our joint orthopedics practice stand out from the average design approaches. The high standards for design and ambience also emphasize our special medical focus, which mainly concentrates on our specialization of podiatry. Our large number of private patients were attracted not just by our technical skill, but also by the extremely unusual design, which is further supported by the perfectly conceived function. The high-quality furnishings have their price. But the additional cost paid for itself in a very short time thanks to the significant increase in acceptance. The positive feedback from our patients shows that we chose the right architect.

Best wishes,

Dr. Christian Kinast

Orthopedics Center Arabellapark www.oza-m.de


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