German Haimerl

German Haimerl studies
architecture at Technische
Universit├Ąt Munich; after his
studies, he founds the planning
company HGP. In 1998, he
joins Jochen Drexler and
becomes a managing partner
of Drexler + Partner Architekten.

In his many years of collaboration
with Jochen Drexler, he plays a
significant role in the growing
success of the architectural
office, especially in the areas
of healthcare, radio, TV & media,
sports facilities and high-quality
interior design.

The founding of a German-
Chinese joint venture in 2006
marks the start of internationalization
, with a focus on the markets of China
and the Near East. In 2008, German
Haimerl and Jochen Drexler establish
the subsidiary Drexler + Partner
Architekten Shanghai, and the
branch in Dubai one year later.

In 2012, German Haimerl
takes over as sole proprieto
r of the company, founding
German Haimerl Architekten.